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Chirping Bird Box

Rs. 1,999.00


We all love a green and serene place to dine in, Don’t we? A place which feels like home away from home where we can relax and eat in peace. Birds too love the greens. One such green habitat can be created to go with the bird feeder with the right set of embellishments for the birds to eat and relax in peace so that their twitter echoes inside your heart and mind.

Other Details

Wow objectives of this DIY Chirping box are-

  • To stimulate the imagination and creativity of kids
  • To enhance their organizational skills.
  • To build upon their observational and analytical skills.
  • To enable them to identify with nature in its purest form.

The contents of the chirping box

The DIY kit contains items for exploring the world of birds. Now you can attract the adorable birds by creating a green niche for them. You can accessorize the bird garden by setting up a bird feeder, colorful flower buntings and beautiful pebbles for them to sit on! The birds will go wheeeeeeee! looking at this charming little place for them!

Embellishment Items for miniature garden are-

  • A Bird feeder
  • Seed Container
  • 3 rounded pebbles
  • Flash Card - In the garden
  • Flowers bunting
  • DIY nature loom
  • DIY origami bird set
  • DIY nature rainbow
  • Planter with small equipment of planting
  • A bird family fun sheets with the names of the local birds found in your area which may be pasted on the bird feeder, in order to learn and retain small facts.
  • 12 set of stickers of birds for you to make your journal

Usage instructions-

  • Meant for children from the age group of 4-10 years.
  • All items are waterproof.
  • All miniatures must be cleaned with a wet cloth only.
  • There are complimentary pins to go with the box to fix the other materials together.

*Please note that these toys are recommended to be used under adult supervision. Being handcrafted and hand made we request you to appreciate any minor color or form changes as the skills of our artisans