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❄️Winter Sensory Bin❄️

Your child will enjoy hours of imaginative play in a Winter Sensory Bin.

Shredded plastic snow was the filler of the Winter Sensory Bin.

One day the sensory bin was turned into an Antarctic scene, complete with plastic polar bears, blue glass beads to represent water made from paper bowls turned upside down, small trees , and snowmen figurines.

Also plastic penguins were added to the scene. Though penguins live at the South Pole and Polar Bears live at the North Pole, imaginative play had the polar bears and penguins making friends and playing together that day.

The following day the Winter Sensory Bin was changed to a Ski Lodge. Little dolls in skis skied down mountains of mounded up artificial snow.

Winter Sensory Bins are so much fun and encourage creative, imaginative play.

Have fun making a Winter Sensory Bin for your little ones. It will provide them hours of fun, creative, imaginative play!